2AS System underground containers in Rimini

Isole ecologiche interrate 2AS System di ESA - Rimini

Rimini begins separate waste collection with the Underground Waste Collection Systems by ESA.

A project strongly desired by the Municipality and Hera, which sees the 2AS System computerized underground containers as protagonists.

Isole ecologiche interrate 2AS System di ESA - Rimini

The Councilor for the Environment, Anna Montini, and the Head of Hera Environmental Services Rimini, Fausto Pecci

The first 4 of the 14 stations planned throughout the city were inaugurated on 28 July. The ceremony, which took place on the undergrounds of via Bastioni Occidentali, was attended by the Assessor for the Environment Anna Montini, the Head of Hera Rimini Area Fausto Pecci, the CEO of Heratech Antonio Dondi and the Head of the Press Office Monica Guidi, in addition to the Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscapes.

A choice of decorum, environmental sustainability and innovation, the one undertaken by the municipal council, to re-evaluate the historic center. “The redevelopment of urban spaces and the efficiency of waste logistics are key points for citizens – said the Councilor”.

The initiative, aimed at strengthening the current separate waste collection systems, involves 5,000 users and involves the construction of 14 2AS undergrounds that will allow the collection of all fractions through controlled access with card or smartphone and a better organization of urban spaces through the reduction of the number of above-ground containers, the timing and the passage of collection vehicles, with a consequent reduction in pollution.

To promote hygiene, waste flows under the road surface, preventing odors and liquid residues from escaping. The undergrounds allow to accommodate 3500L of glass and organic waste, and 5000L of the remaining fractions. “We have decreased the aesthetic impact but increased the available volume” – commented Pecci.

The undergrounds, in the visible part, consist of corten-effect turrets, agreed with the Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscapes. At the base an engraving of Tonino Guerra’s butterflies, a symbol of beauty, decorum and culture. Above, the short-stroke Kinshofer hook, which allows the 2AS robot to hook and empty in just 105”.

Isole ecologiche interrate 2AS System di ESA - Rimini     Isole ecologiche interrate 2AS System di ESA - Rimini

Through the 2AS System underground containers, Rimini intends to develop a sustainable and smart collection system, improving the perception of environmental and architectural quality. With the gradual elimination of old containers and the insertion of new undergrounds, the aesthetics of the historic center will be enhanced, especially near historical-monumental elements.

Isole ecologiche interrate 2AS System di ESA - Rimini

2AS System Underground with access control system