IFAT 2022

2AS System - ESA - Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente - IFAT 2022

The sustainable technology of ESA’s 2AS System at IFAT 2022.

The last edition of IFAT, the world-wide reference event for the most advanced technologies for the environment, has just ended in Messe München (Germany), which took place from 30 May to 3 June and saw the influx of over 120,000 visitors from all over the world.

Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente - IFAT 2022   ESA - Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente - IFAT 2022  2AS System - Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente - IFAT 2022

The event was an opportunity to present the latest technical innovations of the 2AS System, the robotic equipment for bilateral waste collection: the new F-90 gripper, different types of recycled HDPE containers and the modern human-machine interface (HMI), which makes the work of the operators extremely simple and comfortable.

The constant attention to the needs of Customers and international Partners has allowed ESA to reveal a novelty much awaited by the market: the F-90 gripper for hooking all above-ground and underground containers equipped with mushroom hooks. The new equipment allows containers to be emptied in just 65 seconds and allows modern Smart Cities that are already equipped with bins with F-90 to be completely free to choose the desired equipment, without constraints.

This novelty expands the company’s offer and joins the Kinshofer and Multi-Mushroom grippers, the latter presented at the last Ecomondo and designed for containers with different lengths of Kinshofer and F-90 hooks.

Pinza F-90 2AS System - ESA  Pinza Multi-Fungo 2AS System - ESA   Pinza Multi-Fungo 2AS System - ESA  Contenitori HDPE 2AS System - ESA - Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente

To complete the system, the new versions of containers in recycled HDPE, the essence of the circular economy, have been introduced in the Standard and Slim series, which can be fully customized by the Customer with loading points and bascules in metal or HDPE, Kinshofer or F-90 hook and electronics for user recognition.

Noteworthy is the strong attention paid to the comfort of the drivers: the latest version of the 2AS human-machine interface, consisting of a touch screen monitor integrated into an ergonomic armrest, specially designed by the technical team, allows for better posture when checking the cabin operations and reduces arm and joint fatigue.

Interfaccia HMI - 2AS System - ESA

ESA’s strength is also the reduction of the environmental and economic impact of shipments, especially in today’s global economic context. In fact, the company showed the many IFAT visitors the solution adopted to reduce pollution and costs deriving from the international handling of its equipment; by anchoring the robot to a skid, which allows to reduce its size, ESA ensures the safe transport of 4 robots in a single container, allowing Customers all over the world to receive the 2AS wherever they are, ready for installation on trucks.

Pinza Multi-Fungo 2AS System - ESA  Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente - IFAT 2022  Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente - IFAT 2022

2AS System is compatible with all natural gas, hybrid and electric powered trucks, and is the technological and sustainable solution for Smart Cities: it can be integrated with all ESA waste logistics technologies and contributes to less pollution thanks to the management software, which defines the best path, avoiding unnecessary emptying and bringing significant economic and environmental savings to the user companies.

ESA would wholeheartedly like to thank each of the numerous visitors who came to the stand to try our solutions.