2AS containers in HDPE in Taranto

Contenitori ingegnerizzati 2AS di ESA in HDPE a Taranto

Taranto continues its path of technological and sustainable innovation in waste collection with the adoption of intelligent containers in recycled HDPE combined with the 2AS System collection system already in use by the municipality.

Last week the positioning of the first 2AS HDPE containers for separate collection began in the city of Taranto.

Contenitori ingegnerizzati 2AS di ESA in HDPE a Taranto

The Municipality, which already uses ESA’s bilateral lifting equipment 2AS System, has decided to embrace the complete collection system, choosing the combined containers in recycled HDPE, thus opting for the best performance and maximum operational safety given by the adoption of the whole system.

The containers made by ESA on behalf of Kyma Ambiente, the urban hygiene company owned by the Municipality, follow the subdivision of the fractions for Taranto: yellow for multi-material (paper, cardboard, plastic and metal), green for glass, brown for organic waste and gray for unsorted waste.

Composed of 40% recycled material and fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle, the 2AS HDPE containers are equipped with electronics for user recognition and intelligent telemetry systems that alert the collection company if the container is full and needs to be emptied, making it possible to better plan waste logistics.

The sustainability of the solution adopted passes both from the container itself, which promotes a lower turnover through the longevity and resistance of the construction materials, but also from the energy self-sufficiency of the electronics and sensors, which are recharged through the photovoltaic panel positioned below the loading point.

The benefits of adopting the 2AS System are innumerable:

  • reduction of atmospheric emissions, thanks to the possibility of planning the passage of collection vehicles and the speed of the operating cycle, of only 65″;
  • reduction of noise pollution, especially during the conferment of glass;
  • particular resistance to salt spray – not negligible benefit in a seaside area; unlike metal, in fact, salt does not corrode HDPE, making it suitable for the seaside;
  • improvement of the urban decor, thanks to the resistance of the rotomoulded HDPE (which allows the container to maintain its original shape even in the event of accidental impacts and collisions) and to the texture of the coating, which prevents spray paints and adhesives from attacking the surface.

The city, which was the first in Southern Italy to experiment with eco-friendly waste collection systems during markets and events, with the adoption of the solar-powered compactor KSolar by ESA, continues to innovate and invest in the improvement of separate collection, being mindful of both the environment and citizens.

«This environmentally friendly supply – comments the President of Kyma Ambiente Giampiero Mancarelli – serves as a further stimulus to commit everyone to correct separate waste collection. We are talking about a real revolution that must change everyone’s habits. It is precisely for this reason that collective collaboration is fundamental, only in this way can our Taranto be able to keep up with other Italian cities».

Giorgia Iasoni, Vice President of ESA, declares herself «proud of this choice made by Kyma Ambiente and the Municipality of Taranto. The quality of the recycled material used for the production is such that it also goes well with the climate of the city, characterized by the sea, salty air and sun. Therefore, it is more durable than traditional metal containers. We are convinced that citizens will appreciate these new containers and will be used to the fullest ».