GO-GO ecological stations in Roccaraso

ESA proceeds with the production of the new stationary ecological stations from the GO-GO series, the latest installed in the Municipality of Roccaraso.

Last August the new GO-GO ecological station in via Napoli was inaugurated. The results obtained are giving reason for the road taken by the current municipal administration, the broad consensus obtained, thanks to the use of the system, is proof of this.

To simplify the waste transfer operations, the many tourists who have chosen to vacation in the tourist center of Alto Sangro have decided to opt for the use of a stationary ecological station. The choice made is a clear expression of a series of decisions aimed at supporting the virtuous cycle of separate collection.

GO-GO ecological stations are a convenient alternative to the traditional collection system without calendar restrictions. The GO-GO station is essentially a transfer station equipped with automatically operated nozzles, which can be activated by reading the medical card. The technological contribution of the integrated surveillance system allows detailed control of the contributions. The possibility of customizing the structure makes it possible to return the investment thanks to advertising or possibly greater integration of the same in the urban context for which it is intended.

isola_ecologiga_go_go_roccaraso_02 isola_ecologiga_go_go_roccaraso_01