2AS System underground containers in Massa

2AS System e interrati - Massa

2AS System underground waste containers, located throughout the city of Massa, have been inaugurated.

On 17th July the first ESA 2AS underground waste collection systems were inaugurated. The ceremony was held in front of the Town Hall, in the presence of the Mayor, Francesco Persiani, the leaders of Asmiu Massa and the Vice President and CEO of ESA.

Inaugurazione interrati 2AS Massa

An important turning point for the city, one of the first to have adopted the new computerized undergrounds combined with the 2AS collection system.

A choice aimed at encouraging and increasing separate waste collection, in addition to kerbside collection, which meets the needs of citizens and tourists, who will be able to confer throughout the day, thanks to access controlled by card.

Minimalist design and small size make 2AS undergrounds easily adaptable to different areas of the city, resulting discreet and extremely hygienic. In fact, the waste, flowing under the road surface, never comes into contact with people and operators, avoiding possible odorous emissions.

The height of the conferment point has been thought to make the service accessible to all users, especially the weakest, while the electronics, simple and intuitive, are designed to facilitate operations and are equipped with a photovoltaic panel to allow energy autonomy.

The combination of underground waste containers and the 2AS bilateral collection system adopted by Asmiu Massa allows a considerable reduction of emissions into the atmosphere, thanks to the high capacity of the containers and the emptying time of only 105 seconds, which allows the vehicles not to interfere with city traffic.

2AS System e interrati - Massa


2AS System is equipped with a modern management software for planning waste logistics, which allows for cutting the costs of unnecessary travels. Thanks to various sensors, GPS and IoT, the truck only goes where containers needs to be emptied, further contributing to the reduction of pollution.

2AS underground waste systems are available in volumes of 3, 4 and 5 cubic meters and can be customized in colour and conferment point.