Underground waste collection system in Parma

Inauguration of the underground waste collection system in P.le Bertozzi, Parma.

The renewed underground waste collection system of Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente located in P. le Bertozzi (Parma) has recently been inaugurated.

The underground collection system, result of an important restyling and modernization work by ESA and activated in the presence of the councilor for environmental sustainability policies Tiziana Benassi, will implement and further increase the separate collection of plastic and cans in the historic center, giving greater flexibility of conferral to citizens.

In fact, the underground system, which is equipped with electronics for controlled access, responds to the residents’ requests for an alternative solution to the classic kerbside collection, which is discreet and hygienic and helps redevelop the neighborhood, improving its urban decor and reducing the abandonment of plastic bags on the street. Thanks to their very small size and ease of use, the underground containers are also easily accessible to the weakest categories, such as the elderly and the disabled.


Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente thanks Iren for the collaboration.


Isole ecologiche interrate a Parma in P. le Bertozzi

Assessor Tiziana Benassi at the press conference for the inauguration of Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente’s underground waste collection system for Iren Parma in Piazzale Bertozzi


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