Stories at sunset

Fili d'Erba...Intrecci di Storie

Culture and Ecology meets at the readings at sunset with children.

ESA, as part of the initiatives in support of territory, sport and culture, promotes the value of ecology and respect for the environment, collaborating in a series of itinerant literary evenings entitled “Fili d’Erba… Intrecci di Storie!”, organized by the Municipal Library of Gattatico (RE) and dedicated to children aged 2 to 10.

On the occasion of the “Ecological and Recycling Stories” meeting, held on 12th of July at the historic location “Corte Garibaldi”, the CEO of ESA, Nicola Chiastrini, and Francesca Fragliasso from the communication office chatted with children and adults and shared with them ideas and daily actions to be adopted to help the planet, according to the principle of the circular economy.


Fili d'Erba...Intrecci di Storie     Fili d'Erba...Intrecci di Storie