Restyling of underground waste containers in Cervia

ESA supports circular economy with the restyling of underground waste containers in Borgo Marina (Cervia), Italy.

The underground waste containers located in the suggestive tourist port, characterized by numerous fish restaurants, have undergone an important modernization and technological adaptation by ESA, maintaining the minimalist design, as required by the nature of the place.

The underground containers will implement and increase the separate collection separate waste in the seaside village and, thanks to the applied electronics, will give both greater flexibility of conferment to citizens, who will be able to access the service by card throughout the day, and the possibility for the municipal Company Hera to trace the conferments, in favor of the punctual rate.

The peculiarity of Cervia containers, which are part of the K Series equipped with a retractable compactor, is the ability to store large quantities of waste in a hygienic and odor-free way, reducing the need for periodic emptying and thus helping to reduce CO2 emissions released from the trucks used for waste collection.

The restyling carried out by ESA supports the numerous circular economy projects undertaken by the Municipality of Cervia in recent years for the benefit of the entire community, which has invested in the recovery and revaluation of an existing work, rather than in its replacement.