Renovation of the underground waste collection system in Lucca

Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente: Contenitori Interrati / Isole Ecologiche Interrate di Sistema Ambiente Lucca

Isole Ecologiche Interrate di Sistema Ambiente Lucca per la raccolta differenziata

Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente is proud to have contributed to the updating and implementation of the underground waste collection system of Sistema Ambiente Lucca.

The works just concluded involved, on all 11 locations in various areas of the stunning Tuscan town, the installation of new double-conferment underground containers for organic waste and glass.

The further modernization works have made these stations more integrated into the surrounding environment; moreover, the small dimensions of the surface delivery containers, which make the solution adopted discreet and do not subtract spaces from the community, have contributed to help the whole city to invest in separate waste collection and, consequently in the environment.

The advantage of this solution is to provide users with a simplified conferment, more suited to them, since it is tailored to their needs, and represents a non-impacting and environmentally friendly project.


Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente thanks Sistema Ambiente Lucca for the collaboration and availability shown and guaranteed in this difficult historical period.