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6 October 2020

Underground waste collection system in Parma

The renewed underground waste collection system of Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente located in P. le Bertozzi (Parma) has recently been inaugurated. The underground collection system, result of […]
12 June 2020
Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente: Contenitori Interrati / Isole Ecologiche Interrate di Sistema Ambiente Lucca

Renovation of the underground waste collection system in Lucca

Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente is proud to have contributed to the updating and implementation of the underground waste collection system of Sistema Ambiente Lucca. The works just concluded involved, on […]
18 May 2020
Impianto di depurazione delle acque reflue

Micro-bubble ventilation system

ESA has created and recently commissioned an innovative micro-bubble aeration system in the wastewater treatment plant at the production site of a well-known company operating in […]
24 March 2020
ESA - Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente


Following the evolution of the pandemic generated by the COVID-19 virus and following the recent provisions of the Italian Government, we inform you that the deliveries […]