Micro-bubble ventilation system

Impianto di depurazione delle acque reflue

Sistema di aerazione a microbolle per impianto di depurazione per le acque reflue ESA - Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente

ESA has created and recently commissioned an innovative micro-bubble aeration system in the wastewater treatment plant at the production site of a well-known company operating in the transformation of organic agri-food in Northern Italy.

To improve the efficiency of purification and to guarantee a lower energy expenditure, and therefore a lower environmental impact, the old air distribution system has been replaced with a new one, which foresees the use of EPDM plates with fine bubbles on the entire bottom of the tank.

The diffusion of air with constant and homogeneous insufflation takes place through the micro-bubbles, which, thanks to their size, allow a significant increase in the yield of the oxidation process, allowing bacteria to effectively and quickly dissolve the wastewater inside the biological oxidation reactor.

The peculiarity of the peroxide vulcanized EPDM rubber membranes is the long duration in time, superior to the most commonly used sulfur vulcanized membranes, a feature that makes them particularly resistant and suitable for the treatment of difficult waste such as industrial, allowing the user company less maintenance and a noticeable drop in consumption.