K-Ghost Series

K-Ghost systems ensure the maximum flexibility and an easy approach. K-Ghost devices were specifically designed to tackle with the need of collecting waste straight from sweepers and other vehicles. All the containers belonging to the series are today verified, reliable and efficient products.

Having no visible holes aimed at collecting waste, K-Ghost systems can be smoothly stepped on by cars, buses and truck while perfectly integrating witching the urban context. Inside the system is located a compactor aimed at reducing both the overall amount of waste collected and the number of vehicle needed for the collection.


Post-sales Management

Another instrumental point concerns the absence of interruptions. Waste collection cannot and should not be suspended. By the same token, it is crucial the maintenance of the highest safety conditions for both citizens and workers.

In order to guarantee continuity Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente gave rise to the tailor-made User Customer Service, a unit providing non-stop assistance through highly-specialized and updated technicians.