Elevation Residences – Ethiopia

Ethiopia chooses a wastewater treatment plant by ESA to promote environmental sustainability in the USA Embassy’s accommodations.

Inspired by western sustainability model and guided by the need to better enhance such a precious resource as water, the Elevation Residences – an elegant residential building located in the earth of Addis Ababa for the USA Ambassadors in Ethiopia – has chosen ESA to give a second life to water that will be used inside the building.

The structure, in its completion stage, thanks to the solution adopted, will be the first residential purpose building in the Country to be completely eco-sustainable in the reuse of the wastewater coming from the sanitary facilities, which will be used for irrigating green areas dedicated to leisure.

ESA’s wastewater treatment plant is equipped with MMBR (Moving-Bed Biofilm Reactor) technology and PLC for the automation of every phase of the treatment process; provided of a sand filter for the final filtration of the water, it’s able to carry out the backwash mode autonomously, thanks to the pneumatic valves with electric actuator managed by the PLC: a feature that guarantees high efficiency of the process, an even longer duration of the filters and ensures minimal maintenance interventions.


Pic courtesy of  Verdant Ventures