Ecomondo 2016

esa 2sydesistem

Ended with a positive record for ESA, which marked the eighth participation to an event that has rightly become a can’t-miss event to any company operating in the business of the management of waste. Testament to the fact that ESA is on the right path, numerous bystanders decided to stop visiting the company’s stand. Among them was also the Italian Environment Minister, Mr. Gian Luca Galletti. At the kermesse, ESA has presented three innovative products aimed at the multi-utility business: 2sidesystem, Go-Go e T-riciclo.


Ecomondo is the place where businesses can meet competitors in complementary markets and leading players in public research in Europe and the Mediterranean area to establish national and international partnerships in the implementation of a knowledge-based Green and Circular Economy.

2sidesystem comes from this background and frame. The system, to which ESA contributes by supplying an innovative, totally mechanized crane able to manage smartly and cleverly the waste collection. 2sidesystem is the result of a partnership agreement ESA has initialed with Spain’s Contenur, a European leading provider in the urban waste sector.

esa 2sydesistem

esa 2sidesystem

Go-Go is a state-of-the-art recycling depot conceived and designed to be easy portable. Solar-powered, Go-Go is perfect for areas particularly crowded with people. Go-go is marked by the right balance of capacity and ease of use. On the one side, it could be placed in strategic areas that are easy to get to – as, for instance, parking spaces. On the other side, it’s very user-friendly and could be easily used by anyone, thanks to a device able to recognized each user. In the end, Go-Go allows to monitor constantly the amount of waste given.

esa_go_go_isola_mobile esa_go_go_isola_mobile_02


T-riciclo In all likelihood, T-riciclo is the product that best epitomizes ESA’s philosophy: cutting-edge technology, research and innovation working for the environment. T-riciclo is ESA’s first vehicle with pedal assistance aimed at the waste management business. Owing its extreme adaptability, the T-riciclo format can be used also in non-waste business like that of street food. At Ecomondo, a version customized for the food business was presented successfully. Another step forward towards a greener world to live in.

esa_t_riciclo_ministro_galletti esa_ecomondo_2016