City2O line for Felitto

ESA has recently completed the installment of a brand-new system for the treatment of wastewater in the Felitto, a small town numbering 2,000 inhabitants in the province of Salerno.

Felitto is nestled within the Cilento National Park, an area largely appreciated also abroad. For this reason, ESA has decided to rely on products belonging to the line CITY2O, which are particularly versatile and suited areas under environmental protection.

The most innovative aspect of the whole system, which is also its major peculiarity, involves the type of features used to the restraint of each stage of the treatment. ESA has provided to the supply of the entire system of treatment, including a lifting station with delivery setting, mechanized grid, pre-denitrication, oxidation, secondary settling and final disinfection.
The use of prefabricated, modular and sectional features made of polyester fiberglass has turned out to be the best way possible to satisfy the client’s specific needs. This has, in fact, granted the possibility to put the whole system under the ground, sharply reducing the environmental and visual impact and guaranteeing the total preservation of the area’s huge and biodiverse landscape.