CAS waste water treatment plant in Ethiopia

Impianto a CAS all'Homeland Hotel a Mekele, Etiopia

The Homeland Hotel, a new 4-star facility that uses modern technologies and our CAS (Conventional Activated Sludge) treatment plant, has been inaugurated in Mekele (Ethiopia)

The lack of adequate space for the installation of a common wastewater treatment plant was an opportunity for ESA to design and build a 20 cubic meters CAS (Conventional activated sludge) system under the flooring of the hotel lobby for 150 equivalent inhabitants, consisting of a single tank in reinforced concrete divided into four partitions, which allow to significantly improve the efficiency of the system and the quality of the water introduced into the sewer system.

The solution of made-to-measure stainless steel manhole covers has allowed the system to be fully integrated into the context and visually imperceptible, thus guaranteeing a discreet solution for the hotel and customers, also ensured by the “odor-free” system, which does not allows the release of any odor.