Above-ground Giuditta Container

Modularity and versatility are the watchwords of Giuditta, a line of products representing the vanguard of solid urban waste collecting. A balanced mixture of technology and functionality allows Giuditta to be the ideal solution aimed at those who are on the lookout for a system able to evolve over time while responding to the most diverse necessities.

Designed to have a low environmental impact and be highly customizable, Giuditta systems are expandable, where necessary, thanks to the possibility to add new modules able to meet all the needs the context requires to be satisfied.

All the Giuditta containers can be easily integrated with the Pelican collection system and are available in three different sizes: 2250, 3000 e 3750 liters. Each one is marked by ESA’s trademarks: user-friendly attitude, resistance, and durability.

“Tecnologia e versatilità„


Post-sales Management

Another instrumental point concerns the absence of interruptions. Waste collection cannot and should not be suspended. By the same token, it is crucial the maintenance of the highest safety conditions for both citizens and workers.

In order to guarantee continuity Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente gave rise to the tailor-made User Customer Service, a unit providing non-stop assistance through highly-specialized and updated technicians.