2AS System debuts in the UK

ESA is proud to have introduced its bilateral collection system 2AS System to the UK market in collaboration with RSK Group Ltd, a British company leader in integrated environmental, engineering and technical services.

The partnership between ESA and RSK is not only able to provide a complete waste collection solution across the UK, but can support Customers in every single phase of the project.

The services offered by ESA and RSK cover the entire life cycle of the project, from the initial consultancy and planning phase, to the installation of the instruments, up to the on site and 24/7 remote assistance, and are completely adaptable to the specific needs of the individual Customer.

“This modern system, whose range (consisting of robotic lifting equipment and above-ground containers in recycled HDPE) has recently been expanded by the introduction of underground containers, allows for the reduction of waste collection trips: this translates into less traffic and lower CO2 emissions”, comments the President of ESA Enrico Benedetti. “Intelligent telemetry systems alert the collection manager when the container is full and needs to be emptied. This technology, together with the introduction in the United Kingdom of specific containers for each waste fraction, guarantees an efficient and ecological solution. In short, a contribution to the quality of life”. “Our attention, continues President Benedetti, is also directed to the operators: for example, the driver is never required to leave the vehicle, thanks to the robotic equipment that hooks and empties the containers, which is in fact operated from inside the driving cabin, avoiding accidents and contact with waste. A prerogative, especially in times of Coronavirus “.

ESA, which has over 30 years of experience in the waste solutions market and has already successfully implemented these systems in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, constantly develops innovative solutions to meet the needs of its Customers and offers a wide range of range of products and technologies for waste collection, as well as providing design and consultancy, assistance and maintenance. RSK brings 30 years of local knowledge and expertise, supported by a network of over 100 offices and depots across the UK.

The partnership between ESA and RSK has already won an important showcase in the Underground Refuse Solutions Framework, an association established by the Liverpool City Council and APSE (Association for Public Service Excellence) to combat the problem of waste and is now ready for develop its solutions in Liverpool and other neighboring urban areas.