Water and waste water treatment
Water, the valuable asset for excellence
Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente S.p.A. elaborates waste water treatment projects for every need, from the industrial to the domestic sector, offering consultancy in order to obtain efficiency and saving
USER Integrated waste collection systems
Spaces found
in urban habitat
Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente supports you with a highly qualified staff in design, realization and installation of efficient systems to eliminate infrastructures for waste delivery from urban spaces
Reting & Service Garbage Bins
The management system tailored to local authorities and utility companies
Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente responds to all requirements allowing the local authorities and utility companies to improve standards of provided services, reducing significantly all cost factors
Remediation of contaminated soils
Degraded land is a recoverable asset
We are your ideal consultants for the environmental emergencies. We intervene efficiently and promptly when urgency and safe conditions are required to clean water that has been polluted above or below ground by either organic or inorganic contaminants
Demil Demilitarisation of conventional and no conventional ammo
Demil Division; Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente S.p.A is able to contribute to effective solutions for the destruction of explosives and propellants with high standards of environmental safety and a complete risk control