Services Plus

In partnership with major Italian and foreign multi-utility companies, Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente has gained considerable experience with which it is able to provide environmental services such as the management and maintenance of the dumpsters and containers present in the territory, computerized monitoring of the waste collection chain, providing assistance in the implementation of new services, etc.

Different Solutions

Flexibility, promptness and customization are the watchwords of a wide-ranging unit, which relies on a decades-long experience to guarantee a protean spectrum of services such as:

  • Management and Maintenance of the Existing Set of Containers and Dumpsters
  • Computerized Monitoring of Waste Collection Chain
  • Assistance During the implementation of New Sevices
  • Purchase of the Existing Set of Containers With Inherent Concession for the Use
  • Complete Outsourcing of the Activities of Management of Maintenance of the Containers Set
  • Activitie of Staged Renewal of All the Containers On the Basis the Agreement With the Client
  • Digital Census of All the Dumpsters With Proper Mapping
  • Removing and Replacement of the Damaged or Outdated Containers
  • Dumpsters and Bells Cleaning
  • Containers Storing
  • Movement

Beyond these services, others such as the collection and enhancement of waste vegetable oils in order to avoid polluting phenomena are available as well.

Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente is able to sell used or refurbished containers different for type, material, capacity, connections and coloring. A refurbished dumpster has carachteristics corresponding to a new one, but with lower costs.

A Single Provider For Different Solutions

The upsides of relying on a single provider with which having a long-lasting relationship able to grant agility and timeliness are countless. Economically, it permits to streamline the capital structure through the disposal of obsolete dumpsters and an overall improvement of solid urban waste collection. This also enables a greater flexibility in planning the future moves.