Water is arguably an essential feature of our life and hence it is very important to preserve it by avoiding any kind of waste. During the past, the different human activities and demographic growth were leading to a major water request. ESA takes care of water cycle offering, through advanced technologies, the best solutions in order to reuse water for several purposes.
Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente provides solutions to treat waste water through biological processes in bio-containers. The most important treatment phases are the denitrification, the nitrification/oxidation and the final lamellar settler sedimentation. Our solutions, based on advanced technological processes, allow us to reach remarkable plant size layout reduction, ensuring the highest quality of treated water. In this respect, ESA offers capable plants to treat waste water starting from 800 up to 25.000 inhabitants. Beyond this threshold, ESA provides customized designs according to specific requests.

The whole Depuration range of products is marked by a balanced mix of versatility, modularity, mobility and resistance, all features allowing its several items to better suit the requirements of both small and bigger plants with the only target of protecting the environment and its water resources.

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Solutions for the Recovery of Water

ESA offers different types of solutions depending on the necessities the context brings, starting from the liquid to be purified daily o, in the case of waste water, the overall number of inhabitants where the liquid is produced. Every step is carried on in compliance with the local standards.

The main goal of ESA's work is to devise and implement projects of depuration and treatment of the most diverse types of water to purify. Proposed solutions are always marked efficiency and cost-effectiveness, with the aim of preserving the inherent value the water brings with itself.


The Depuration Range of Products

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Products Modularity

Post-Sales Management

È indispensabile che tutti gli impianti vengano mantenuti costantemente efficienti e sicuri nel corso del tempo. Così come è centrale il mantenimento di condizioni di sicurezza attiva e passiva per cittadini ed operatori a dispetto di legislazione fatta di normative in continuo divenire.

Per questo abbiamo deciso di creare un dipartimento ad hoc che si occupa di fornire assistenza tramite tecnici altamente qualificati ed informati in merito alle caratteristiche tecniche e ai rischi associati all'esecuzione dei lavori.